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Updated February 2020

Short Course Yards (SCY)
Long Course Meters (LCM)
Men’s Records
Women’s Records
Men’s Records
Women’s Records
50-54 50-54
80-84 80-84
85-89 85-89

Criteria for Nebraska LMSC state records:

  • A valid time must be measured by automatic equipment (touch pads), semi-automatic equipment (buttons), or at least two stopwatches. Times must include two decimal places.
  • All submitted times must be swum in pools with certified pool lengths at USMS recognized or sanctioned meets. (Times from sanctioned USA Swimming events will be accepted, but certified pool measurements are still required.)
  • Pools certified by USMS in Nebraska:
    1. College of St. Mary – Omaha (SCY)
    2. Common Ground Community Center – Elkhorn/Omaha (SCY)
    3. Kroc Center – Omaha (SCY)
    4. Lincoln Southeast High School – Lincoln (SCY)
    5. Millard West High School – Omaha (SCY)
    6. University of Nebraska – Lincoln/Bob Devaney Sports Center (SCY)
    7. Woods Pool – Lincoln (LCM)
  • A swimmer submitting a time must have a current USMS registration and be a member of Nebraska Masters Swimming at the time of the swim. (Swimmers must be either UNAT/UC29, or a member of a club registered with the Nebraska LMSC.)
  • Swimmers must also reside in the state of Nebraska. Swimmers who are residents of other states are not eligible for Nebraska state records. (exception: residents of Council Bluffs, Iowa, which is part of the Greater Omaha Metropolitan Area, are eligible, as long as they are also a member of Nebraska Masters Swimming as described above.)
  • Age group is determined by the swimmer’s age as of the last day of the meet for short course yards (SCY). For long course meters (LCM), age group is determined by the swimmer’s age as of December 31st of the year of competition. (USMS rule 102.2)
  • Please refer to the USMS Rule Book, sections 103.18 and 105, for specific eligibility requirements regarding official times and records.

USMS National Records: CLICK HERE

Long/Short Course Time Converter, courtesy of Swimming World Magazine.

* If you achieve a time that is a Nebraska LMSC state record, or have a question about any Nebraska LMSC state records, please contact the Nebraska LMSC Top Ten Recorder at:

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